Debt can be a heavy mental burden. The greatest lesson the university taught me was to avoid debt. If debt cannot be avoided, eliminate as much interest as possible by paying the loan off earlier. Or just refuse to sign up for high interest loans. I borrowed 26k for my education and I will pay 10.7k in interest for the privilege. I bought a car for 25k and paid 1.7k in interest. My car is fully paid off. And now I'm going to tackle student loan debt before the pandemic pause ends.

In a spreadsheet, I calculated just how much this student loan interest costed me. Not to mention the mental toll during a one year layoff. Debt is bad, I do not recommend it for anyone. If Biden doesn't set me free from it, I'll set myself free from it, and never return to owing anyone anything again. I only owe 11.6k now, so a 10k forgiveness would be fantastic! But if not, I can do it. I see that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. It will feel so good to be 100% debt free!


So this housing market, I'm not a fan. At least I learned the debt lesson early, so I'll be thinking of ways to avoid a 500k debt. If I thought student loan interest was crazy, I started calculating what a 240k home would do.

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