I like that puts your on a pedestal. There's nothing grosser than putting food on the ground.

COVID-19 reduced customer service of many delivery companies as they put your food on the ground (which normally would be disgusting). Food is on the same rug shoes walk on and then gets transferred to the counter.

Fun fact, you can sell a product for 999,999.99 as this is the maximum transaction via credit or debit card allowed. Or so I was told by a National bank.

This wagon helps us carry the groceries in one trip. I just realized that grocery shopping carts are even bigger. But in the store they feel small.

Unboxing Vizio V-Serio 50 inch 4K Smart TV from Walmart

Special thanks to my friend Rafael Alvarez for allowing me to unbox his new TV!

We chose the Vizio TV because it was the brightest out of all the other TV models on display. The Phillips model came close, but the deciding fa

@Chris Kara and I recently signed up for Maria’s meal prep these were spicy chicken wings

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