“Collectively, humans spend the equivalent of more than 1,300 years each day typing passwords, according to Cormac Herley, a principal researcher at Microsoft Corp.”
The university is a vault of knowledge. And our minds are welcome to plunder from it as much as our memories will allow. We form connections, find love, and develop our character within these halls. That's priceless.
The more connected we are, and the more instantaneously we communicate, the more vulnerable our society is to an explosive political eruption. It is like dominos set closely together; it is effortless to start a chain reaction.
Marketers who use emotion, particularly negative emotions, pollute the public’s mental health with negativity. Everyone else shortens our attention spans as we are overwhelmed with too much, mostly useless information.
Marketing works when few are using a particular method. But, when everyone does it, we have information pollution. Think of it as an environmental hazard, but for your brain.
What takes minutes for your professor to explain may have taken the original discoverer their whole life to find. With so many treasures in one place, what a heaven the university must be to all those who could only earn a single gem of knowledge.

In a way, the university is a vault filled with incredible knowledge that took years and many lives to obtain. As students, we are allowed to take from this vault as much as our minds can remember, a truly priceless opportunity.
The more you try to make the right decision, the best decision, the further away you’ll feel from it. Because making the best decision is elusive.
I really enjoyed my visit to Box Street in Hemisphere Park.
Even Ferrari owners shop at H-E-B. Just hope it’s not a basket 🛒 magnet!