I've decided that I want to write a book. I write enough on social media to fill the pages of a book, but I need to focus my writing on a specific topic in book form.
I was very impressed with the newly built Courtyard by Marriott hotel we stayed at in Washington, D.C. It has a very modern design and is centrally located within the city.
Not all libraries are for books. This 116-year-old library in Washington, D.C., was retrofitted into an Apple Store.
Perhaps the 2020s will be about fitness or virtual reality. Crypto is big. Not sure if that’s the most exciting part of this new decade. We will see.
The level of garbage on traditional social media has lead me to believe that it is time for the next decade of innovation. The 1990s - board games, 2000s digital Music and Movies, 2010s social media, and now the 2020s is needing something new.
Had fun at Karaoke 🎤 night! I didn’t know we had it in us to sing so well with so much passion. What a band!
This chip is 11.9 million Scoville! Made here in Texas.